• Energy SaverEnergy Saving Devices are an ideal way of reducing energy consumption and minimising wastage.

    They can be wired to a number of appliances including lights, air conditioning units and televisions.

    A variety of models are available including:

    • Standard (accepts any card)
    • Intelligent (accepts any Mifare/contactless card)
    • Super Intelligent (accepts only TLJ KeyCards made for a specific room)

    Super Intelligent Energy Savers ultimately cannot be bypassed by other modern KeyCards, i.e. ‘Oyster cards’, bank cards.

    Technical Specification:

    • Voltage: 190 – 240V, AC50Hz
    • Maximum Load: 16A (30A relay)
    • Dimension: 86x86x46mm
    • 35mm back box required (or surface mount)

    Click on the energy saver below to activate the lights. Click again to turn them off.

    A qualified electrician is required to install the devices and wire the system to the required appliances.

    Standard Energy Savers are also available however they can function with the insertion of any card and are therefore not as popular as the “Intelligent” Energy Savers.

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