• Card Reader Software

    The hotel management software has been designed specifically with ease of use and practicality in mind.

    The software comes on a CD and is installed directly onto the hotel’s computer. Each lock is given a unique identity i.e. the room number, making issuing cards a quick and simple process. The encoder is plugged into one of the computer’s USB ports and the cards are then placed over the encoder to encrypt the required data on to them.

    The software package can be set up to meet the specific needs and layout of the individual hotel. For example; separate floors, different areas including restaurants, gymnasiums, spas etc. This allows far greater control over which guests and members of staff have access to each area.

    Upon arrival the guest will be checked in as normal. They will be allocated a room and the time and date of their departure will also be inputted. Once processed the encoder will write this information onto a blank card which then acts as the guest’s room key. The card will automatically expire once the time and date specified has elapsed.

    A variety of cards with different access rights come as part of the package, including:

      Card Reader Software
    • Guest card – allows access to individual rooms for a specified time period.
    • Cleaner card – allows access to a specific floor for a specified time period.
    • General Manager’s card – allows access to all areas for an unlimited time period but cannot open the door if the deadbolt is in place.
    • Guard card – the same access rights as the general manager’s card but can enter guests rooms even if the dead bolt is in place.
    • Any card that is in date will allow access through the main entrance.

    An audit log is maintained providing a detailed record of who has had access where and when. As you can see the system allows far greater control and better security than traditional locks, eliminating the problem of keys being lost, stolen or copied for future use.

    Comprehensive training and support on how to use the system is provided.

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